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JIA Confinement, licensed by Ministry of Manpower (EA License 10C4511), have been providing Confinement Nanny Services in Singapore for more than 25 years. We provide quality help and care to mothers and babies during post-natal period at an affordable price. Our Confinement Nannies have gone through stringent screening in baby care, cooking skill, confinement food knowledge and hygiene habits. You can rest assured that your baby will be in safe hands and your transition into motherhood will be easy and blissful. Call or WhatsApp us now to discuss about your requirements.

Nanny’s Duty

Stay in Nanny’s duties :

24 hours baby care

Cook confinement food

Do laundry for mother and baby

Help out with simple household chores

Advise on the DOs and DON’Ts during confinement period

Groceries shopping if necessary

Do laundry and cook for the rest of family members if necessary

Your new-born baby will give you great emotional satisfaction. Looking after your baby is joyful yet tiring! Your body will go through many changes during pregnancy and it will take a while to return to its pre-pregnancy condition. Also, you may not be experienced or having the confidence in taking care of a new-born baby, particularly for a first-time mother. You will need someone with post-natal care experience in your house to help out in the first month after delivery – the confinement period. A confinement nanny will be able to help you with infant care. A confinement nanny is usually between 45 and 55 year’s old and experienced in taking care of a new mother and new-born baby.

Our Services

When there is an addition of a new baby, you will need some extra help in your family. We are right here to provide you with the assistance. We understand that help in your home – when you need it – is an excellent way to transition into this new phase of your family’s life.

Meet up with employing family at a place of their convenience for a discussion on requirements.

Offer experienced confinement lady who will make your transition into motherhood easy.

Apply for work permit from Ministry of Manpower of Singapore.

Guarantee arrival of nanny regardless of delivery date.

Send nanny to customer’s home on the day of commencement.

Remain in contact with employing family and nanny throughout the confinement period.

Provide services on the extension and replacement of nanny when necessary.

Contact Us

While you are pregnant, please make a booking with us. Many of our clients do so after their first trimester. The earlier you let us know your requirements, the earlier we can reserve a few nannies who meet your criteria. Please give us a call to understand more about our services. For your convenience, we can meet up at your place for a detailed discussion.


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