Our Services

When there is an addition of a new baby, you will need some extra help in your family. We are right here to provide you with the assistance. We understand that help in your home – when you need it – is an excellent way to transition into this new phase of your family’s life.Our Services :

  • Meet up with employing family at a place of their convenience for a discussion on Expected Delivery Date, needs and expectations, dialect group etc.
  • Offer highly experienced confinement nanny at affordable cost that will make your transition into motherhood easy
  • Apply for work permit from Ministry of Manpower of Singapore
  • Guarantee arrival of nanny regardless of delivery date
  • Send nanny to customer’s home on the day of commencement
  • Remain in contact with employing family and nanny throughout the entire confinement period to ensure you have a blissful confinement period
  • Provide services on the extension and replacement of nanny when necessary

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