Nanny’s Duty


Your new-born baby will give you great emotional satisfaction. Looking after your baby is joyful yet tiring! Your body will go through many changes during pregnancy and it will take a while to return to its pre-pregnancy condition. Also, you may not be experienced or having the confidence in taking care of a new-born baby, particularly for a first-time mother.

You will need someone with post-natal care experience in your house to help out in the first month after delivery – the confinement period. A confinement nanny will be able to help you with infant care.

A confinement nanny is usually between 45 and 55 year’s old and experienced in taking care of a new mother and new-born baby.

Stay in Nanny’s duties :

  • 24 hours baby care
  • Cook confinement food
  • Do laundry for mother and baby
  • Advise on the DOs and DON’Ts during confinement period
  • Help out with simple household chores
  • Groceries shopping if necessary
  • Do laundry and cook for the rest of family members if necessary

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